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Ash Dieback - Scotland

Ash Dieback Guidance
from Orchard Street Tree Surgeons, Glasgow, Scotland

Ash Dieback Scotland

Ash trees are one of the most prolific native species in Scotland and the UK.  Ash dieback Scotland will kill around 80% of them.

The effects on our environment, landscape, and wildlife will be staggering, which is why taking action now is so important.

What is Ash Dieback or Chalara?

Ash dieback is a fungal disease that can affect Ash trees of all maturities, although younger Ash trees tend to react more quickly to the effects of the fungus. 

It is caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (Hi-men-o-si-fus frax-in-e-us). Part of the fungus life cycle used to be known as Chalara fraxinea, which is why the disease is sometimes called Chalara or Chalara Ash Dieback.

What does Ash Dieback look like?

There is no one symptom to show you when an Ash tree is suffering from Ash Dieback.  Usually, the first visual sign is leaves wilting and dying at the very top of the tree crown, and then gradually spreading to other areas of the tree.  Some Ash trees first show symptoms of lesions or dark patches at the base of the trunk.  If you are in any doubt, please get in touch and we will check your trees for you.

Will Ash Dieback kill my trees?

If a diseased tree is left untreated, the fungus will affect the tree’s limbs, and branches will become brittle and start to fail.  Since the tree is already in a weakened state, it is more likely to be infected by additional diseases and organisms which can speed up the tree’s decline and cause it to fall.

How can I cure Ash Dieback?

Prevention is always better than a cure and since the fungus that causes Ash Dieback in Scotland grows in the leaves; regular maintenance such as clearing leaf litter from the base of Ash trees can help reduce the Ash Dieback spores.

If your tree is already infected, it is of utmost importance you take action as soon as possible to help prevent the spread of Ash Dieback in Scotland, and prevent damage from any Ash trees on your property.

Orchard Street Tree Surgeons can provide professional tree surveys and assessments and offer advice and support.  Once we have confirmed the problem and come up with a solution for you, we will also recommend that you contact your local council for further advice and guidance.

Ash Dieback- Contact Orchard Street Tree Surgeons

For further information on Ash Dieback in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland and your own responsibilities we recommend you also contact your local council for further advice and guidance.

Why Use Orchard Street Tree Surgeons For Ash Dieback Advice

Specialised Ash Dieback Guidance

It is incredibly important to contact Orchard Street Tree Surgeons if you have any concerns about Ash trees under your care or on your property.  

If you fear your Ash trees may be suffering from Ash Dieback in Scotland, the quicker you can react and get professional advice, the better prepared you will be.  We can provide a tree management plan and advice; we will help you deal with the associated risks and minimise their impact.

Ash Dieback can cause the rapid decline of Ash trees in Scotland, leading to branches and limbs falling, and even the sudden toppling of the entire Ash tree, causing obvious risk to people and premises.

If you think you have spotted the signs of Ash dieback please contact Orchard Street Tree Surgeons today on 07800 57 80 53.

We carry out all tree surgery work in line with BS 3998, the British Standard for tree work.  The guidance for treating Ash Dieback in Scotland is under constant review, and our advice and guidance will change accordingly to stay current. 

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